Michael Gove promises to plough ahead with controversial school reforms

The Independent is reporting that  Michael Gove will attack those who oppose his school reforms saying they are allowing working class children to be sent to school “without daring to think they might be intellectually curious and capable of greatness”…

He will accuse them of “denying them access to anything stretching or ambitious”, and claim that his opponents are “feeding them a diet of dumbed-down courses and easy-to-acquire qualifications, lowering pass marks and inflating grades to give the illusion of progress, shying away from anything which might require grit, application, hard work and perseverance, and then sending these poor children into the adult world without the knowledge, skills, character and accomplishments they need, and deserve, to flourish”.

The speech, to be delivered to the right-of-centre Policy Exchange think tank, which he founded, is reminiscent of his earlier attempts to dub his opponents “the Blob” – comparing them to a human-eating amoeba in a Steve McQueen science fiction film from the 1950s…

The speech will attempt to put the spotlight back on his school reforms, on which he will say there can be no retreat.

“Indeed, far from retreating, we have to ask how we can accelerate improvement in our schools,” Gove will say…

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What do you think about Michael Gove’s comments due to be given in this speech? Has there been a lack of aspiration for too many children and a reluctance to challenge and stretch? Please give us your feedback in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. VictoriaJaquiss

    SchoolsImprove Possibly doing no one else seems to be able to do – unite the teaching unions in one big strike!

  2. bocks1

    SchoolsImprove I agree – like every teacher in every sector – with the goal but really, what planet is he on #Goveisanutter

  3. A_BoxOfRain

    itsmotherswork There’s something that makes it sound as though he sees it as all about him and ‘his opponents’. Odd.

  4. A_BoxOfRain

    itsmotherswork As well as most of what he proposes appearing to be bollocks, of course.

  5. itsmotherswork

    A_BoxOfRain SchoolsImprove
    It’s a command and crisis model of leadership. It’s depressing.

  6. decadesofun

    SchoolsImprove I feel sorry for our children they’re having childhood stripped from them too early

  7. wordphile

    Poor man – it’s not his fault. Apparently, no-one ever taught Michael Gove to listen to advice, admit when he has made a mistake, apologise nicely or to treat others with respect. Not much of an education. Fellow teachers, we must do better!

  8. MhoughMaria

    itsmotherswork SchoolsImprove change is good. Instability is a whole different ball game, which is what we have faced for five years.

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