Michael Gove pledges 10-hour school days

Sky News is reporting that in his speech at the London Academy of Excellence yesterday Michael Gove said a future Conservtive government would help state schools  operate 10-hour days to boost standards so they are indistinguishable from private schools…

…Hailing the achievements of academies and free schools, which are already able to run longer school days, Mr Gove said he would be providing resources to allow all state schools to extend the day.

He said school plays, sports clubs, orchestras and debating competitions helped to “build character and instil grit”.

Announcing the Conservative manifesto pledge, he said: “So a future Conservative Government would help state schools – just like independent schools – to offer a school day 9 or 10 hours long – allowing time for structured homework sessions, prep, which will be particularly helpful for those children who come from homes where it’s difficult to secure the peace and quiet necessary for hard study.”

Mr Gove encouraged more testing of children after Labour dropped key stage three testing at 14, saying that along with the national curriculum tests at age 11, children should sit exams at 13…

He also encouraged them use the Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) tests to check pupils’ progress against international peers.

Mr Gove said: “I want to see state schools in England the best in the world.

“State schools where the vast majority of pupils have the grades and the skills to apply to university, if they want to; where a state pupil being accepted to Oxbridge is not a cause for celebration, but a matter of course; where it is the norm for state pupils to enjoy brilliant extra-curricular activities like sports, orchestras, cadets, choir, drama, debating, the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, and more.

“All those things are par for the course in the private sector – why shouldn’t children in the state sector enjoy them?

“We know England’s private schools are the best independent schools in the world.

“Why shouldn’t our state schools be the best state schools in the world?

“My ambition for our education system is simple – when you visit a school in England standards are so high all round that you should not be able to tell whether it’s in the state sector or a fee paying independent.”…

More at: Michael Gove Pledges 10-Hour School Days

If new funding was available, would you welcome the chance for state schools to extend their days? What impact do you think it would have? Please share in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. inwte

    andylutwyche SchoolsImprove by doing away with the numbers 195 and 1265. Without these we will be contracted to work into the night 🙁

  2. inwte

    andylutwyche SchoolsImprove So in reality all teachers are destined for a massive pay cut Reason #1 for quitting teaching #CostOfGove

  3. EduphileMrS

    inwte andylutwyche SchoolsImprove surely this can’t happen as most teachers would leave. I wouldn’t put up with less time with my family.

  4. BramRaider

    inwte andylutwyche SchoolsImprove Uncosted idea as usual. Teachers would quit in droves or more would be needed = higher costs/taxes.

  5. andylutwyche

    BramRaider inwte SchoolsImprove Trouble is that according to Ofsted many current staff are rubbish, and they beat others to the job

  6. andylutwyche

    resourceasaurus EduphileMrS inwte SchoolsImprove Seemingly they don’t want teachers. How many top grads would choose tching after this?

  7. EduphileMrS

    andylutwyche resourceasaurus inwte SchoolsImprove well Gove has already said that you don’t need QTS to teach…rather worrying really.

  8. andylutwyche

    BramRaider inwte SchoolsImprove Yes indeed – they keep their fingers crossed that a Teach First recruit will get shoved into it

  9. BramRaider

    andylutwyche inwte SchoolsImprove Biggest problem I have with teach first is the idea of rapid promotion for them. Teachers teach.

  10. andylutwyche

    EduphileMrS resourceasaurus inwte SchoolsImprove But even those without quals (therefore on lower wage?) would think twice about it

  11. inwte

    BramRaider andylutwyche SchoolsImprove Have you forgotten that great saviour #TeachFirst? Got a problem? Can’t fill a post? Call #TF 😀

  12. EduphileMrS

    andylutwyche resourceasaurus inwte SchoolsImprove exactly. It seems he doesn’t want the educated teaching the future…scary stuff!

  13. andylutwyche

    BramRaider inwte SchoolsImprove I have no problem particularly, but you do have a point. Govt seems to think TF is answer to everything

  14. andylutwyche

    EduphileMrS resourceasaurus inwte SchoolsImprove As I say, soundbites that in practise won’t work, but a gullible public lap it up

  15. EduphileMrS

    andylutwyche resourceasaurus inwte SchoolsImprove It scares me to think he might convince people he is doing a good job!

  16. andylutwyche

    EduphileMrS resourceasaurus inwte SchoolsImprove I actually think/hope that people are starting to realise what he’s really like

  17. andylutwyche

    EduphileMrS resourceasaurus inwte SchoolsImprove Unions have changed tactic too, which helps. No more threat of strike action each time

  18. inwte

    andylutwyche EduphileMrS resourceasaurus SchoolsImprove I think they call it electioneering. Fooling some of the people… #2015GE

  19. Sezzer64

    SchoolsImprove why don’t we just leave them there all night! I would have strong objections to my child being in school for so long.

  20. debmobile

    SchoolsImprove when do children be children ? Or are they to grow not knowing a childhood ? I fear for society in the future

  21. ScepticalMum

    SchoolsImprove Surely Gove’s 10hr day is just what extended schools was supposed to be? Whatever happened to that scheme?

  22. ballater6

    SchoolsImprove why don’t parents just give birth in schools and then they can leave them there and we can test them from babies !

  23. lottewilson1

    SchoolsImprove There soon will be a point that there will be no point having children as you won’t ever get to see them!

  24. rob_kelsall

    wiganwilson SchoolsImprove Par for the course for our beloved Education Secretary AKA Mr Sloppy. He really is devoid of a coherent policy

  25. 4C3d

    Once again we have the education world to be created in the likeness of Mr Gove’s. Not every one wants or needs the same learning environment “… homes where it’s difficult to secure the peace and quiet necessary for hard study.” By the way just what is “hard study”? The activities he mentions taking place in schools used to be part of the longer school day I experienced and taught in early in my career but the world was different then and we can not turn back the clock. A longer school day can be supported and beneficial but the key is the pace to the day, a little like running a marathon as opposed to a sprint.

  26. lennonandmum

    SchoolsImprove absolutly ridiculous!! I will be homeschooling if a 10 hour day is passed!! I am a school governor and am against this!!

  27. CareersDefender

    SchoolsImprove A disjointed family life is one of the major forces behind community ills, surely 10 hour days will worsen the sit further

  28. MrHough_Albion

    SchoolsImprove he’s a fool. This is children we’re talking about! 10 hours?!! That doesn’t prepare children for work at all.

  29. edujdw

    lottewilson1 SchoolsImprove next they will remove all child benefit -no need for it if someone else does all the looking after

  30. londonbabymum

    lottewilson1 SchoolsImprove or accept that you drug them or incarcerate them. Too much for 4 year old boys, living hell for some.

  31. ChrisChivers2

    ScepticalMum SchoolsImprove Still running in some form in many schools, who provide local opportunities, geared to known needs.

  32. EssexHeritageEd

    ScepticalMum SchoolsImprove ah well, extended schools was a Labour scheme so Tories wouldn’t want that would they?

  33. rhcaseby

    lottewilson1 SchoolsImprove Seeing parents will be a distraction to fulfilling their destiny as bipedal work-consume units!

  34. SarahFCG

    ScepticalMum SchoolsImprove I’m glad someone else said this. I thought we were all supposed to be having a collective memory lapse!

  35. geordiecat2012

    SaidOtmani SchoolsImprove Solve obesity crisis by making them sit at desks for longer! No chance for extra sport because fields sold off.

  36. Ellie_WT

    CareersDefender SchoolsImprove totally agree. Families need more time together not less. Society will only get worse ……

  37. NikkiHesford

    CareersDefender naomitimperley SchoolsImprove We do 10hr days anyway cos we work. Strong work ethos in this house! No harm done

  38. stevendobner

    SchoolsImprove I would be happy to extend my day. 8.30-4.30? 9-6 is too much. When would the children spend time with their family?

  39. CareersDefender

    NikkiHesford naomitimperley SchoolsImprove always exceptions that prove rule. Lots of YP WILL suffer from lack of parental engagement

  40. NikkiHesford

    CareersDefender naomitimperley SchoolsImprove Most just come home, chuck bag in hall, raid fridge and sit on xbox anyway. Mine do!

  41. mcmeelmartin

    ParentsVoiceWor SchoolsImprove I wonder how many EFFECTIVE hours of work Mr Gove does a day?? Lots of words little action!

  42. MrB442PE

    cherrylkd I’ve just done a quick calculation of my “hourly” rate & extending the school day by 3 hours, If he’s going to pay I’ll do it.

  43. cherrylkd

    MrB442PE Quick work. He’s cleverly not said it has to be teachers though. I think he’s deliberately winding us up!

  44. MrB442PE

    cherrylkd i ÷ salary by the total days we work then ÷ by the 7 hours the kids in our school x 3hours then x by 192 days = £13k #yesplease

  45. MrB442PE

    cherrylkd he’ll next call on parents to volunteer in schools for those extra 3 hours. Then blame us for them not coming forward to help…

  46. PlanetTimmy

    cherrylkd I’d always assumed the big advantage private had over state schools was the reduced class size. Am I wrong?

  47. davidbickle

    SchoolsImprove MichaelGroveMP
    10 hours?
    Plenty of time for
    Social Networking
    Cultural Studies

  48. zsharman

    SchoolsImprove that’s for the kids right ? … Not the amount teachers spend on work related activities every day ? ..

  49. SJJones2014

    SchoolsImprove so where will the funding be for this? Or will staff be expected to run it out if the good of their hearts?

  50. SJJones2014

    SchoolsImprove assume if we are going to work like independent schools we will also have the long holidays. How will that work?

  51. StephKing100

    skip2bfit thanks but Mr Gove doesn’t care about teachers. Can children do a longer day than many working adults? He has rocks in his head.

  52. CromwellConsult

    SchoolsImprove Improvement through engagement. Not just about longer school days & longer hols. Dffrnt approaches to match diffrnt challngs

  53. acet2001

    SophieBLovett SchoolsImprove Gove (or Mickey as I now know him) is just a buffoon. His ideas are as nought, worthless, pointless, crass.

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