MI5 signing up teachers to tackle radicalisation in Muslim schools

The Star is reporting that MI5 has contacted dozens of teachers at Islamic schools across the UK who have voiced concerns about the rise of militant Islam.

Many have agreed to work as agents spying on fellow members of staff and are now sending intelligence reports on suspected jihadis to their handlers in London.

The move was ordered by spy chiefs amid fears children as young as seven are being targeted by hate preachers. Some youngsters have been told all non-Muslims are the enemies of Islam…

Some teachers are known to have contacted MI5 independently to volunteer their services but many others have been approached by the service seeking help.

Intelligence sources told the Daily Star Sunday that Muslim religious schools have become recruiting grounds for terrorist groups such as Islamic State and al-Qaida.

Of the 130 Muslim schools in the UK, as many as 30% could have links to terrorist fanatics, sources have said.

One source said: “There is a big problem with radicalisation in Muslim schools…”

More at: MI5 signing up TEACHERS to tackle radicalisation in Muslim schools


It’s not clear to me if this is something different from anything that might be covered in the Prevent strategy, but it sounds like it might me.

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