Mensa accepts 56 new members – all from the same comprehensive school

GetWestLondon is reporting that more than 50 children from a comprehensive school in Hounslow have been accepted by high IQ society Mensa.

Some 56 students from The Heathland School qualified for the exclusive society, membership of which is reserved for those with an IQ in the top 2% of the population.

Nearly half of the 120 most gifted pupils in Years 7 to 10 were chosen to sit the exam in the summer as part of the school ‘s ‘Most Able’ programme.

Remarkably, six students in Year 8 and one in Year 9 achieved the maximum possible score of 162.

They are: Mohammed Bora, Nauman Nadeem, Tripti Kohli, Rehan Fonseka, Kavneet Gil, Rani Agarwal and Sachi Sahi.

Headteacher Harinder Pattar said: “These are clearly very bright pupils at The Heathland who should be challenged by the school’s curriculum and hopefully in due course will go onto study at the best universities in England…”

More at: Mensa accepts 56 new members – all from the same Hounslow school


Wow – whatever your thoughts on the value of IQ tests, that’s surely an amazing result from a single school?

Any other schools put their children forward for Mensa membership? If so, what kind of impact does the process have (including for those who don’t make it)?

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  1. If Heathlands were an academy, especially with ARK or Harris, the school would get maximum DfE publicity.   But it’s a community school aka ‘council run’.  If ministers mention it at all it will be likely be grudging.

  2. JudithBosavern

    SchoolsImprove Once again a few schools are picking pointless fights. What messages are they sending our young women?

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