Measles cases in Wales triple in two weeks after experts warn that two million children across the UK are at risk

According to the Mail, measles cases in South Wales, a region hit by an epidemic less than four months ago, have tripled in the last fortnight as children from four schools have reported symptoms…

Doctors are urging parents to properly vaccinate their children after fears of a second epidemic in Swansea have spread.

Despite an uptake of MMR vaccinations during the outbreak which killed one and infected 1,200 last November, health chiefs warned that 30,000 children aged 10-18 are still unprotected.

In April Dr Helen Bedford, of University College London’s Institute of Child Health, warned that two million children across the UK are still unvaccinated, while figures showed 81 per cent of children in London had no protection from the disease.

‘The only way to achieve that is through vaccination and I urge parents whose children have not received two doses of MMR to ensure that they speak to their GP immediately to arrange this quick, safe and effective vaccine.’

…Dr Richard Pebody of Public Health England said: ‘It is important to remember that measles is highly infectious and spreads easily in the classroom.

‘Children who are fully vaccinated with MMR help to stop the spread of measles and therefore to protect their friends and families.

‘This protection is particularly important for those who have health problems such as weakened immune systems and who cannot be vaccinated but are at most risk if exposed to the disease.

‘Those who have not received a dose of the MMR vaccine should contact their GP urgently. After the second dose individuals achieve almost complete protection.’

Measles is an airborne viral infection picked up after inhaling or touching droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes…

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