Matt Haig: teach children about mental health as readily as road safety

Teaching children about wellbeing is as important as road safety, best-selling author Matt Haig has said as he calls for mental health to be added to the school curriculum in The Telegraph

However, Haig, who is known for his children’s books which unpick mental health issues for young readers, warned against so-called ‘helicopter parents’ “editing” their sons and daughters’ lives. 

Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph, the 43-year-old who has written about his own severe depression, warned parents and schools they must “get ahead of the game”.

“It’s just as important as road safety,” he told The Telegraph, “I think we need to get ahead of the game on this, it’s evolving so fast and it feels like everyone’s so behind in terms of technology and health.

“It should be ingrained at some point in the curriculum.”

His call comes after this newspaper revealed a potential shake up of Ofsted’s school inspections to include an assessment on mental health and wellbeing.

He said: “Kids now have got more in their lives, they never have to be bored in this world of constant distraction. No adult would let their kids smoke 60 cigarettes on an evening but because that’s physical health it’s so clear cut, with mental health it’s still a bit abstract for some people.”

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