MAT chief urges private heads to become state school governors

The head of an academy chain has urged private school headteachers to become governors at state schools to help improve their education. Dame Rachel de Souza has urged members of the Headmasters and Headmistresses’ conference to share their time and experience. Tes reports.

The chief executive of Inspiration Trust spoke to heads at the HMC conference today about transforming schools.

“My governors were Etonians, they were Harrovians and they brought to bear all of the things they knew.

“We learnt from your sector. That school made good improvements in the numbers but we also got further. We started to work on the things that mattered mainly because of my governors.  They were asking: ‘What are we teaching these children? What about their character.’

She said she wanted bright young teachers to experience how independent schools operated.

Earlier today in a teacher and learner panel discussion she told HMC heads that state schools could learn from the independent sector.

“I have 14 schools, four of them free schools, the rest of them were failing schools, they joined me in special measures with some of the worst results in the country in some of the most deprived areas in the country.

“We had a high accountability system and has a very short time to get them right and we did. In our first three years, our schools got great results. How did we do it? In the first three years, we created calm where there was chaos. We used the management skills that you use.”

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  1. janee

    I seem to remember that there was a TV programme in which teachers from a private school swapped with teachers from a state school. Guess what: the state school teachers coped extremely well, the others didn’t. Why is it that someone who runs a school with privileged pupils in, largely, small class sizes has anything to teach those who are experienced at working successfully in more difficult circumstances. What arrogance.

  2. janee

    PS: we know that the way many “improve” state schools when they become academies is by selecting pupils and by expelling or off rolling those who don’t fit. In other words, making not improvement at all.

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