Many teenagers ‘neglected by uninterested parents’

The BBC is reporting that The Children’s Society says as many as three pupils in every GCSE classroom in England could be experiencing neglect.

The charity commissioned researchers from the University of York to investigate teenagers’ experience by surveying a representative group of 2,000 12- to 15-year-olds.

Teenagers are often viewed as more resilient than younger children, says the report, “but they still need dedicated care to meet their physical and emotional needs, to support their education and to keep them safe”.

The researchers said neglect of teenagers could include “parents failing to monitor their children’s activities outside the home, not making sure they get health care when they need it, not taking an interest in their education, or failing to provide the crucial emotional support teenagers need by helping them if they are facing problems or if they are upset”.

A significant minority, some 15%, said they had experienced some form of neglect.

Teenagers who had experienced this neglect were also significantly more likely to be dissatisfied with their lives and pessimistic about their futures. Children who reported frequent support from their parents were more likely to have better levels of wellbeing.

Its senior researcher, Phil Raws, said: “There is a tension between the need for parents to supervise and monitor their children and the need of teenagers to have independence.”

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Do you think that teenagers are often neglected by their parents? Should parents be more attentive or do teenagers need space to grow and become independent? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter. ~ Sophie

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  1. etaknipsa

    SchoolsImprove doubt this is a new thing.. My mum worked at 14, grandad at 12, don’t think their emotional wellbeing was important really.

  2. ogeeze4teens

    SchoolsImprove childrensociety this is very true. Parents that understand this tend to get the best out of their teenage children.

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