‘Many independent schools would be awful state schools’

The Labour Party has not as yet spelled out the detail of how this would be done or achieved. The phrase “integration into the state sector” has been used. Presumably this means that independent schools would not be closed but would rather be nationalised. They would convert to the status of a state school either as an academy (although these are perhaps to be abolished also) or as a local-authority maintained school. Hans Van Mourik Broekman, principal of Liverpool College explains how it became a state school in Tes.

In our case, the move meant setting up an academy trust, which would govern the school within the framework of a funding agreement. The trust also has a 125-year lease over the school’s physical assets. If its governors failed to satisfy the government, they could be replaced. 

Religious and socioeconomic diversity has increased. The percentage of pupils receiving pupil premium went from 2 per cent to 15 per cent, and is rising every year. 

While academic results have not changed, we have rebuilt our curriculum, because – at both extremes of the academic-ability spectrum – we have more pupils. In short, we have many more very able and very challenged learners.

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