Make sure children at exams, or face £30 fine, parents warned

Parents in Scotland have been warned that they could face fines of £30 if their children fail to attend exams. This is from the Times…

The policy by Edinburgh City Council means that parents may be asked to cover the Scottish Qualifications Authority’s exam fees where students fail to attend for “no good reason”.

The threat to fine parents came to light when Donald Macdonald, the head teacher of James Gillespie’s, one of Edinburgh’s most respected state schools, wrote to parents before this year’s exams.

However, the action has been described as “draconian” by Alan McKenzie, from the Scottish Secondary Teachers’ Association.

Mr McKenzie said: “There’s a lot of pressure on schools to chase kids up — they tend to operate on the basis of taking responsibility for young people and worrying about them. I think that’s wrong. I don’t believe it’s appropriate for senior managers to devote their time to acting as alarm clocks for pupils, when they should be helping deliver the curriculum.”

The cost of entering pupils exams in Scotland is about £30 per pupil per exam, which is paid by local authorities.

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  1. UnCappingAgate

    SchoolsImprove It either indicates parent distant from their child’s learning or there is valid reason for absence-will a fine solve this?

    • andylutwyche

      JoNoGo SchoolsImprove What do you suggest? School budgets squeezed. Shld schools just not enter students if they think they won’t attend?

  2. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Students and parents who defy schools rarely see consequences for their actions – this is a decent start. Exams are costly

  3. 37RunnerGirl

    SchoolsImprove is this really a new thing? As budgets are tight it wouldn’t surprise me if more schools do this

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