‘Make abusive comments online and we’ll exclude your kids’ – City council warns parents of their social media behaviour

Parents have reacted angrily to a council policy which warns that their social media posts could lead to children being excluded from school. The Press and Journal reports.

Headteachers were sent advice on the matter from Aberdeen City Council before the end of school term following “a number” of incidents where pupils and staff members were mentioned in public comments online.

The local authority’s legal department has warned that criminal charges could be launched against parents posting abusive or offensive comments, and that they “may also result in their child being excluded from school due to the actions of their parents.”

The council’s Liberal Democrat education spokesman Martin Greig said he believed the schools should be working on building trust with parents.

“The council should not try and stop parents from giving comments. Their attitude is setting up barriers instead of building up trust.”

It’s understood that posts have been uncovered involving adults ranting about educational facilities on parenting groups online.

The city council stressed that other options would be considered before exclusions took place.

Ron Constable, joint secretary of the Aberdeen branch of union EIS, said:“The abuse of members over social media is a major concern for the EIS in Aberdeen and we have experienced a significant increase in the number of members seeking advice about this issue.”

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  1. wasateacher

    If state funded education is supposed to enable all children to have an equal opportunity to succeed, then this flies in the face of that aim. Pupils should never be punished for the behaviour of parents, they are not responsible for it, and, in some cases, schools should do more to work with parents and not ignore concerns.

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