Majority of public think teacher pay ‘should have performance link’

Most people in England think teachers’ pay should be linked to their classroom performance, a survey suggests. This is from the BBC…

Of 1,723 people polled by Populus, 62% said schools should be able to set salaries in line with performance.

From September, coalition government changes will see teachers’ pay start to be linked to their performance.

But teacher unions say the plans are really about cutting most teachers’ salaries and most parents want schools to follow a national pay system.

Of those surveyed, 43% said the most important factor in deciding teachers’ pay should be the quality of their teaching determined by an annual appraisal, while 29% said it should be the quality of their teaching determined by their pupils’ exam results.

Smaller proportions said that pay should be based on length of service, the number of professional qualifications a teacher had or to ensure parity with other teachers in the school.

Just over one in four (28%) agreed with the statement: “Two teachers doing the same job in the same school, for the same length of time, should always receive the same salary packet, regardless of the outcome of their annual performance appraisal.”

The survey also asked about two teaching unions’ planned strike action.

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) and the NASUWT have announced regional strikes in October, followed by a one-day national walkout later in the term, in an ongoing row over pay, pensions and working conditions. It follows a strike in the north-west of England in June.

In the NUT’s ballot in September 2012, 82.5% voted in favour of strike action with a turnout of 27% while 82% of NASUWT members voted for industrial action, with a turnout of 40%.

The Populus poll found 29% of those asked supported the unions’ plans for industrial action, while 36% were against it.

A further 34% said teachers should be banned from striking because they provided an essential public service, like the police.

Populus strategy director Rick Nye said: “These findings show strong public support for a move away from the automatic annual pay rises of the past towards performance-related pay in schools.’

More at:  Teacher pay ‘should have performance link’

Is this  survey a wake-up call for the teaching unions? Does it suggest that the public is more behind Michael Gove than teachers would expect? Perhaps so many people now are judged according to performance related pay in their own jobs they see it as the norm? Please share your feedback in the comments or on twitter… 

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  1. monty back

    no issue with pay and appraisal or pay linked to workload. pay and exams daft as it implies learning is ‘simply’ what goes in must come out!  Unfortunately learning more complex than that

  2. Miss_Informed86

    SchoolsImprove interesting. My only worry is how they’ll measure “progress” P surely looks different year to year depending on the pupils

  3. robcampbe11

    SchoolsImprove Important indeed but a majority also favour the death penalty. Does this mean it’s automatically right & to be reinstated?

  4. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove PRP is not the issue itself, the issue is how pay awards are determined via the opinion and whims of one or two people

  5. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove The opinions on unions are interesting. Unions have done themselves no favours recently and automatically moan it seems

  6. Organic_Jane

    SchoolsImprove Majority of public have no idea about the complexity of teaching! This is EDUCATION not business. Children are NOT products.

  7. mrstinamurray

    SchoolsImprove if progress is all meeting fft then no thanks. And ‘poor’ lots in time tabling may cause rifts in departments, I worry.

  8. Govebuster

    SchoolsImprove Majority of public don’t realise what work goes on after their kids leave for the day. Teacher unions need to get MSG across

  9. MumForAutism

    SchoolsImprove – after having worked alongside people who have had PRP, I can honestly say its one the most divisive schemes I’ve come ..

  10. MumForAutism

    SchoolsImprove .. across; does little to recognise team working. If its going to be given then it needs to be given to everyone who …

  11. missyjules1974

    SchoolsImprove depends how u define performance. Happy if it includes reassuring abandoned child at 7pm mopping up her tears #notimportant

  12. Read what Wikipedia says about performance pay.  “Academic evidence has increasingly mounted indicating that performance related pay leads to the opposite of the desired outcomes when it is applied to any work involving cognitive rather than physical skill. …  These experiments have since been repeated by a range of economists,sociologists and psychologists with the same results.”

  13. chalkface2009

    SchoolsImprove such a tiny survey with a grossly hyperbolic lead statement. Who runs your site? Who finances Nye?

    • SchoolsImprove

      chalkface2009 It’s a perfectly normal sample size for an opinion poll but obviously they all have a margin of error.

      • chalkface2009

        SchoolsImprove it’s a tiny sample considering YOUR headline goes global. Utter sensationalism and stinks of manipulation of opinion.

        • SchoolsImprove

          chalkface2009 No, it is a normal sample size for an opinion poll – but that doesn’t mean it is right.

    • SchoolsImprove

      chalkface2009 I run my site and reflect the news as it is reported. Rightly or wrongly this is how the survey is being reported.

      • chalkface2009

        SchoolsImprove so you don’t investigate anything, just regurgitate the mainstream propaganda? Pointless then. And sensationalist.

        • SchoolsImprove

          chalkface2009 No, I summarise the news for people interested/involved in schools can see what’s being said. Some find helpful.

        • SchoolsImprove

          chalkface2009 Perfectly valid opinion but many like to know what’s being reported in the media. Others better qualified to investigate.

        • chalkface2009

          SchoolsImprove ok fair enough. But Nick Rye is a politically and ideologically motivated Tory and his ‘surveys’ should come with a warning

  14. LearnWLesley

    SchoolsImprove when 1,723 is a real chunk of the population that will mean no more traffic jams- yippee 🙂

  15. zsharman

    SchoolsImprove perhaps they should walk a mile in these shoes and see how hard teachers work to make children learn.

  16. alykeeling

    SchoolsImprove shows that many do not understand the nature of the profession. PRP not a clear cut issue.

  17. kierstyanne

    SchoolsImprove I worry that the majority of the general public have no concept of what it means to be a teacher.

  18. sharpeleven

    SchoolsImprove A majority of the public want to bring back hanging or benefit claimants to be clapped in irons. Next?

  19. sharpeleven

    SchoolsImprove the “public” should be asked: Should teachers work together to improve children’s education, or compete against each other?

  20. Jaktiger

    SchoolsImprove How can teachers with a bottom set class expect same results as a top set class. Even with baseline this would be unfair

  21. SarahLSTH

    ChaabanRabih as well as probably giving themselves a sizeable pay rise! Media suddenly v quiet on the MP pay front, wonder why?

  22. johnmbrampton

    ClaireAshton SchoolsImprove How wrong they are! Better to deal directly with poor performers. Show them the door if not up to the job

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