Majority back compulsory sex and relationship education classes in schools

A few weeks ago we heard the results of a Banardo’s sudy, today the ITV is reporting on another study which has found that more than eight in ten people think sex and relationship education should be compulsory in schools.

The research, which was commissioned by the charity Plan International UK, shows there is support for SRE lessons across the board:

  • 85% of those polled think SRE should be mandatory in regular state schools
  • 84% believe SRE should be compulsory at academies and free schools
  • 83% believe SRE should be compulsory in private schools
  • 82% believe SRE should be compulsory faith schools

The survey of 2,007 adults, carried out for the charity by Opinium, also found that out of those who received sex education, just 27% found it informative.

Tanya Barron, Plan International UK’s chief executive, said: “Girls are telling us that they are suffering harassment at school, they don’t feel safe online and are scared on the street.

“They are telling us unequivocally that mandatory and good-quality sex and relationships education is one of the most important ways to help change this situation.”

Of those polled, just 12% felt the education they received about relationships – spanning topics such as love, sexual orientation and abuse – was informative. In contrast, nearly eight in ten (79%) said it was either not informative (48%) or they did not receive any classes at all (31%).

More at: Majority back compulsory sex and relationship education classes in schools

And it still isn’t compulsory!

My only concern is that I do believe parents (and students) should have the right to withdraw to ensure any teaching doesn’t go against their individual beliefs – if a parent wants to teach their child SRE themselves, they should be free to do so.

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  1. Miss_Bosss

    SchoolsImprove Sex & relationship education should be compulsory so signs can be recognised early & how to tackle them

  2. LaCatholicState

    Well well…your own survey shows a different story.  Who can trust polls these day eh?!  I certainly take the above results from Opinium with a pinch of salt.

    Maybe we should ditch algebra and geography lessons and give the time over to SRE instead.  That might keep a lot of these people happy.

  3. Miss_Bosss

    LaCatholicState SchoolsImprove but it will safeguard millions who can be & are subject to harassment daily, cyber crime & child abuse

  4. LaCatholicState

    Miss_Bosss SchoolsImprove No it won’t. This is a moral question of how to treat others…not a question of sexual knowledge!

  5. Miss_Bosss

    LaCatholicState SchoolsImprove not sure but I back compulsory sex/relationship education & knowledge & teaching of it.

  6. Nairb1

    Your obsession with sex prevents you from understanding the ‘R’ element of SRE. Good SRE education can help boys realise that the stance taken by pornography and American Presidents in their view of the role of girls isn’t apprpriate.

  7. LaCatholicState

    Nairb1 You have no right to introduce your opinions on this topic to children…OR to introduce them to porn!

  8. LaCatholicState Opinium is one of those polling organisations who pay people to join a panel and then who are paid for number of surveys completed.  It’s not clear whether such surveys are properly weighted.  You’re right, therefore, to treat results from such a survey with caution.
    That said, support for SRE can perhaps be gauged by the number of parents who withdraw their children from such lessons.  They are a tiny majority.
    There is no suggestion that ‘algebra and geography’ should be ditched to make way for SRE. That’s a strawman argument. What is being suggested is that all state-funded schools should offer SRE.  Academies and free schools don’t have to do so.  Compulsory offering does not imply compulsory attendance – parents could still have the right to withdraw their children.  However, this raises the question about the age at which children could make such a decision for themselves.  14?  16?

  9. LaCatholicState Miss_Bosss SchoolsImprove No-one is saying children would be forced into SRE.  Parents have the right to withdraw their children.  The fact that very few parents do so shows that such lessons are valued.  Parents who disagree with SRE and who withdraw their children have no right to force other people’s children NOT to have access to SRE.

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