Lord Nash warns school may still become an academy

A senior official at the Department of Education has said a ‘failing’ school may still be turned into an academy – despite a high-profile campaign against the move. This is from the East London and West Essex Guardian

MP Iain Duncan Smith wrote to Lord John Nash, parliamentary under-secretary of state for education, outlining constituent’s concerns about Snaresbrook Primary School, which was recently placed in special measures.

Parents and campaigners believe the school has already made significant improvements since its damning Ofsted report in July, rating it inadequate in every category.

Others say academy status would take the school out of authority control and end community accountability.

In the letter, Lord Nash acknowledged the improvements which have already taken place but reiterated that a conversion to academy status would be the best solution due to the school’s “serious weaknesses”.

He stated that a statutory consultation would need to take place before the school can become an academy, which the school’s governing body will be expected to carry out.

All factors such as ballot results and Ofsted evidence would then be carefully considered before a decision is made.

Cllr Suzanne Nolan has vowed to “fight all the way” in the battle to stop the move.

Cllr Nolan said: “Not only has there already been a dramatic improvement at the school, it has the fourth best SATS results in the borough and amongst the best in London. There is no case to be made for a change in status.

“It seems clear the recent Ofsted report was an aberration. I urge Lord Nolan and Ofsted to commission a further full inspection before any further action is contemplated.”…

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  1. meolscop1978

    SchoolsImprove You would think Lord Nash would be best spending his time at his own school the disastrous Pimlico Primary.

  2. susansusan

    Lord Nash,area of specialism is  finance .Not one day Teacher training not one day spent in a classroom. Made a “Lord” after donating £300,000 to Tory government. How is this man making decisions on our futures, thats right he wishes to make schools into a money making scam.

  3. eveningnew

    SchoolsImprove Lord Nash,area of specialism is finance .Not a day not one day spent in a classroom.Donating £300,000 to Tory Party. WHY?

  4. Value_added

    SchoolsImprove Is Amongst best SATs results? Why forced academy? Democracy flouted again. Lib Dems should be helping here. As if..

  5. rob_kelsall

    SchoolsImprove Nash proved wrong on numerous occasions and can be successfully challenged. 92% of primary schools have rejected his agenda

  6. rob_kelsall

    SchoolsImprove SaveSnaresbrook TristramHuntMP IDS ought to backing the school, parents and the Council in saving their community school

  7. SaveSnaresbrook

    rob_kelsall ids’s office refusing to set up meeting with us. But Lee Scott, john cryer being far more welcoming and supportive. #IDS

  8. rob_kelsall

    SaveSnaresbrook MP’s who dont back constituents pay price at the ballot box. Writing letter to Nash is one thing-backing parents is another

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