London bottom of the class over unsafe nurseries shut by Ofsted

The Evening Standard is reporting that London parents have been urged to report worries about their children’s nurseries to Ofsted amid fears some are operating illegally.

More nurseries are being closed down in the capital due to safety concerns than anywhere else in the country, the Standard can reveal.

Thirty-three childcare providers in London have been shut by the education watchdog in the past year, compared with nine in the rest of the South-East and three in the South-West.

On top of that number, some were not registered with Ofsted at all, meaning they were operating illegally…

Mike Sheridan, London director of Ofsted, called on parents to check that their children’s nurseries are registered and to alert the watchdog if not.

He said: “From what I am seeing we are spotting early years [provision] that is not registered, running illegally. I urge anyone to check it is registered to Ofsted.”

…He said he wants to get to the bottom of why so many more nurseries in the capital are being closed down than elsewhere.

But he stressed that the overall quality of early years education in London is good…

More at: London bottom of the class over unsafe nurseries shut by Ofsted


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