Liz Truss ‘happy’ for her children to be in larger care group

Childcare Minister Liz Truss has said she would be happy to entrust her own children to nursery teachers looking after six toddlers each. This is from the Times…

Liz Truss will today officially announce her plan to allow nurseries and childminders to increase the number of children in their care. The new rules will allow a nursery worker to look after four babies rather than three and six two-year-olds rather than four.

Some nurseries have warned that the increase will put the safety of the toddlers in their care at risk. However, Ms Truss, who employed a private nanny for one of her daughters, said she would have no hesitation in handing her two children to a nursery exploiting the new rules.

She said that only those employing qualified childminders and teachers would be given permission to look after more children.

“I’ve been to see French nurseries operating with highly qualified professionals and a higher ratio than we have in Britain,” she toldThe Times. “I would be delighted to send my daughter to that nursery. I would be first in line. They are really high quality.

“My focus as a parent is on the highest quality person educating my child. It used to be all about class sizes. Actually we now know that it is the quality of the teacher that is the most important thing.”

Ms Truss, who has two daughters aged 4 and 6, said that new nursery workers would be required to have at least a grade C in GCSE English and maths under her plans to increase the quality of nursery care. The proposals could be in place by September.

She said that she would like to see the best nursery workers paid a wage “getting close” to the salary of a primary school teacher.

According to the Department for Education, crèche workers are paid an average annual salary of £13,300, while a primary school teacher earns £33,250 a year.

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