‘Life changing’ school for teenage mums faces closure

ITV News is reporting that the Beckhampton Learning Centre in Nottingham faces closure due to budget cuts by the city council. 

Supporters of the centre, which helps young mothers continue their education while caring for their babies, say it’s vital it stays open. 

Last night a public meeting was held by campaigners hoping to prevent the centre from shutting down.

A final decision is to be announced on Monday.

“We understand this is a sensitive issue and we have consulted widely and listened to people’s views. A decision will be made by the Council’s Executive Board on 23 February.

Since 1998, teenage pregnancy rates in Nottingham have more than halved and fewer pregnant girls are using the centre; instead they get the support they need within their current schools as part of their existing network of family, friends and teachers.

We are one of only two local authorities in the UK with this kind of provision, so it is important that we review how we continue to support and meet the needs of our young mums to be.”

Pat Fielding, Director of Education, Nottingham City Council

More (including video report) at: ‘Life changing’ school for teenage mums faces closure


Seems a shame but does the local authority make a fair point in suggesting the need might no longer really be there?

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