LGBT teaching row: Government issues advice on handling school protests

The 21-page document, seen by the BBC, lays out how councils should support teachers to minimise disruption. It comes after continued protests outside schools in Birmingham against the teaching of LGBT relationships.

The document, produced by the DfE, suggests councils could consider enforcement action if pupils are withdrawn from school because parents do not agree with what is being taught.

The advice is aimed at “encouraging parents to talk to their school about concerns, rather than protest at the school gates”, the DfE said, and “will also help [authorities] to consider options if protests do materialise”.

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Has you school seen protests? Have concerned parents contacted your school? Do you think the DfE has given enough help and guidance to teachers? Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin 


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  1. Anonymous

    So, having forced their ideology onto schools via the scrapping of Section 28, the LGBT bullies now don’t like it when other ideologies stand up to them. Not only that, they have the hypocritical cheek to use the government to support them and ride roughshod over the parents they will never be via their sterile and infertile behaviour. They fought the govt and now it’s our turn to fight the govt.
    What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.
    I have read this DFE advice and it nowhere acknowledges that parents’ views are equally valid to those of the LGBT groups and it fails to acknowledge that schools and the state exist to serve the parents, not vice versa. Anybody who still thinks they are living in a free country should read this to get an idea of how the almighty state views itself.

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