LGBT school lessons protests spread nationwide

Schools across England have received letters opposing the teaching of relationships and sex education (RSE) and LGBT equality, the BBC has learned.

Protests started in Birmingham and letters, predominantly from conservative Muslims, have been sent to a number of schools elsewhere.

Supporters of the lessons said there was a “lot of misinformation”.

Letters opposing the lessons have been sent to schools in Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Croydon, Ealing, Manchester, Northampton and Nottingham, BBC Newsnight has discovered.

Some have also been sent from Christian parents in Kent.

When asked if he believed children could be “recruited to be gay”, Mr Amir Ahmed who has been protesting outside Anderton Park Primary School in Birmingham said: “You can condition them to accept this as being a normal way of life and it makes the children more promiscuous as they grow older.”

“They want to convert you, they want to convert your morality and that’s just wrong.”

Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra, an imam from Leicester, said he was “disappointed” with the reaction of the protesters.

“The whole driver for this is not the promotion of the LGBT agenda, it’s about inclusivity and to ensure the bullying of such communities is ended.”

Aaliyah Hussain, of Women Empowered against Racism, Injustice, Sexism and Extremism, said she had come across concerns in Bristol from parents and schools.

Ms Hussain said the “anxiety” is caused by the spread of information on social media, but it was “absolutely not the case” that this was division between religion and equality.

“This idea that it is religion versus equality is a misnomer because Muslims believe in equality and freedom as well.”

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