Letter to the Prime Minister from teaching unions.

The Teachers.org website says this election has been a defining moment for education.

The Conservatives have already cut £2.8 billion from our schools and their manifesto promises a further £8.9 billion cut to school funding. We can’t let this happen.

The ATL, NAHT and the NUT have written to the Prime Minister asking for a meeting to discuss the school funding crisis in our schools.

Dear Prime Minister,

Thanks to the combined efforts of teachers, school leaders and parents, education became a key issue in the General Election.

When it came to funding for education, ATL, NUT and NAHT all spoke with the same voice. Parent groups also voiced their opinions and the coverage of rallies calling for fairer funding for education occupied countless newspaper articles, online stories and TV broadcasts.

The visibility of the issue was a strong factor in achieving cross-party recognition that funding needs to increase.

Your own party has pledged more money, although careful analysis of this offer means we remain concerned that it won’t meet the needs of the rising pupil population.

In this election campaign we have seen that when the teaching unions speak collectively on an issue that also has the support of parents, governors and local communities, our views are impossible to ignore. Our unity has turned up the volume on this issue. Because it is unusual for unions and parents to speak with such a strong collective voice, media interest in what we have to say is still very strong.

With this in mind, and now that you have re-entered Downing Street, we would like to suggest a meeting between all of us and you and your officials to discuss the future of education funding.

Our resolve to campaign collectively on funding is undiminished. We hope that your desire to equip the next generation with the skills to help the UK flourish after Brexit is equally strong.

Congratulations on your election victory. We hope you will make time to meet with us.

Yours sincerely,

Kevin signature Mary Bousted signature Russell Hobby signature
Kevin Courtney 
General Secretary, NUT
Mary Bousted
General Secretary, ATL
Russell Hobby
General Secretary, NAHT

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How confident are you that a meeting will take place? Can this be seen as an opportunity for education? Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin

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