Lessons in cybersecurity launched for schoolchildren

The Telegraph is reporting that lessons in cybersecurity will be delivered to schoolchildren across the UK in response to growing concerns about a rising skills gap in the industry…

Resources funded by the Cabinet Office and backed by the National Crime Agency will include case studies of international cybercrime attacks and lessons on cryptography and malware.

The plans, which have been designed to give secondary school students an insight into the industry, have been developed to allow teachers to embed cybersecurity lessons into traditional curricular subjects as well as computing.

Teenagers involved in the lessons will be taught about the importance of firewalls, will learn about key malware threats currently facing the UK, and will also gain an understanding of the career opportunities within the industry.

While it is hoped that these resources could play a part in filling the skills gap which is set to increase over the next twenty years, leading industry experts have called for cybersecurity to be made a part of the curriculum.

Stephanie Daman, CEO of the Cyber Security Challenge UK, said that knowing how to operate in the digital environment and understanding the pitfalls of the Internet were “fundamental to the way we live”.

“I do feel pretty passionately that we need to have the right things in the curriculum,” she said. “One of the reasons we don’t get people into cybersecurity is because they stop doing STEM subjects.

“The kids that are coming through the programme now are not going to fill our immediate need, but it’s like everything else, it’s where we have fallen down in the past; we hadn’t planned at a sufficiently early stage, we hadn’t primed the pipeline. That’s why we have a skills gap now.”…

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Sound like a good move? Should we be going further and adding this to the curriculum for all as suggested? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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