How Lego Education tries to encourage kids into Stem through play-based learning

To us, it may just be a toy we have long left in our childhood, but the makers at Lego Education are creating ways these tiny bricks can support and encourage schools and teachers to make Stem more interesting in a learning environment. Computer Weekly reports.

I liked to think of the duck as a sort of thought experiment – there is apparently “no wrong answer” when trying to make the duck, and there are many many different ways of solving it.

Encouraging creativity

With automation making softer skills increasingly important, there is a focus on trying to encourage creativity by incorporating art into the science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem) focussed fields – in the Lego world it is referred to as Steam.

Many use Lego in the classroom to promote creative thinking, and Jane Meldgaard Johansen, communication manager at Lego Education, claimed it is a good way to get children incorporating technology concepts into their learning whilst thinking outside of the box.

Many of the children explain how they tested ideas before realising they didn’t work, adapting their inventions to make them better.

To try and ease teachers into being more accepting of using Lego to support the curriculum in the classroom, there are resources available including cards with suggestions on how teachers can guide a lesson.

All of the Lego Education sets designed for Primary and Secondary level education also come with a free downloadable guide which includes resources aligned with the curriculum to help teachers with building instructions and classroom tasks.

Read more about how you can bring LEGO and STEM into your classroom How Lego Education tries to encourage kids into Stem through play-based learning

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