Leaked report shows Al-Madinah free school to be damned by Ofsted inspectors as dysfunctional

The leaked Ofsted report declares that the Al-Madinah Islamic school in Derby is “in chaos” and has “not been adequately monitored or supported”. The report says teachers at the faith school are inexperienced and have not been provided with proper training. This is from the Guardian

Pupils are given the same work “regardless of their different abilities” and the governing body is “ineffective”, according to the report which was commissioned amid reports of irregularities at the school…

The Ofsted report says that boys and girls eat lunch in separate sittings, although it puts this down to the small size of the canteen. Older boys and girls are seated on either side of classrooms although younger children sit together.

The report concludes: “This school is dysfunctional. The basic systems and processes a school needs to operate well are not in place. The school is in chaos and reliant on the goodwill of an interim principal to prevent it totally collapsing.”

Tristram Hunt, the shadow education secretary, said the Ofsted report showed that Michael Gove‘s reform programme, in which the new schools are freed from local education authority control and allowed to appoint unqualified teachers if they choose, has become a “dangerous free-for-all”…

The Ofsted report gives the school the lowest “inadequate” ranking in every area, prompting the chief inspector of schools Sir Michael Wilshaw to call for it to be placed in special measures. The inspectors also complain that teachers without proper qualifications have been given key posts…

The report also says there is inadequate oversight of the school. It says: “This is a school which has been set up and run by representatives of the community with limited knowledge and experience. Leadership and management, including governance, are inadequate and have been unable to improve the school.”…

More at:  Al-Madinah free school to be damned by Ofsted inspectors as dysfunctional

See a copy of the leaked Ofsted report here: Ofsted report on Al-Madinah school in Derby

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    SchoolsImprove should never have been allowed, children come first clearly not when this school was set up #freeschools have to go

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    inwte SchoolsImprove And the “opposition” will ask no challenging questions meaning that it will quickly disappear as an issue

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    SchoolsImprove There’s a surprise … It’s not as easy to run a good school as Gove would have everyone believe. ‘Told you so’?

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