Last secondary run by Cambridgeshire County Council set to become academy

Cambridge News is reporting that the last secondary school in Cambridgeshire still run by the local authority is poised to break free and become an academy…

Bottisham Village College has put forward plans to take over Netherhall School and run it as part of a multi-academy trust (MAT).

Senior leaders at Bottisham took temporary control of the cash-strapped Cambridge school in September last year and have agreed in principle with Cambridgeshire County Council to make the takeover permanent.

It is thought the conversion date could be as early as January. It would signal the end of the council’s formal involvement in all 31 of the county’s secondary schools, although they still run the admissions process.

Bottisham’s leadership says there is a “moral imperative to secure an outstanding education for all young people” and not just those in their catchment area.

They hope the MAT would eventually include several schools, including those that are struggling…

The News understands that former headteacher Caroline McKenney, who did not return after the summer holidays last year, has now left Netherhall permanently…

More at: Cambridge school that is last secondary run by Cambridgeshire County Council set to become academy


Clearly it has only been a matter of time until this happened but any thoughts or local insights into the proposals?

And how many other local authorities now control no secondary schools?


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  1. Dai_James1942

    SchoolsImprove Imprisoning children 2 fail 2 teach useless information en route 2 worthless qualifications a bad idea, whatever its label.

  2. The full article says, “The consultation period runs through to the beginning of July, when governors will consider all feedback, prior to making a final decision.”

    Consultation will be a paper exercise – the DfE database, Edubase, says Netherhall School is open as a Foundation School ‘but proposed to close 31/08/2015’.  Decision’s already been made.

  3. The majority of Lincolnshire’s c80 state secondaries are now academies – only about 6 Foundation schools and 4 community schools left (and some of these are in process of being academized).  
    Lincolnshire had recommended early in the last Parliament that ALL its schools should become academies preferably with its preferred sponsor CfBT.  However, Lincolnshire had cause to regret this when West Grantham Academies Trust (WGAT) decided to close one of its secondary academies with little warning and no consultation.  The Council said it made planning school place supply impossible.  Perhaps it should have thought of that before being gung-ho about academization.
    The threatened academy, Charles Read in the village of Corby Glen, was only saved when the DfE found another sponsor.    Some time later, CfBT gave up one of its Lincolnshire academies, Stamford Queen Eleanor, which was transferred to CMAT and is being rebranded as Stamford Welland Academy.
    How much these transfers cost the taxpayer  isn’t known – and the DfE has refused my FoI request to reveal the cost claiming commercial sensitivity.

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