Labour will test teachers on pupil control

The Sunday Times is reporting that teachers in England will have to pass regular tests showing they can control classes and discipline badly behaved children under tough new standards to be brought in if Labour wins the next election…

According to the paper, teachers will also need to demonstrate they can use online resources to find teaching materials and deliver lessons.

It suggests that Labour’s shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt is worried that too many teachers have not been trained in how to stop bad behaviour and plans to make it part of his proposed five-yearly ‘teacher MOT’ which teachers will need to pass to retain a teaching license.

Teachers will be licensed and will need to maintain the new standards, facing a “teacher MoT” every five years – those who fail could be sacked.

The expectation that teachers become trained to manage bad behaviour is expected to be part of a package of professional development requirements…

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Is Tristram Hunt right to be suggesting there is an omission in standards when it comes to teachers being trained to manage poor behaviour in class? What about the focus on using technology? And, if you are a teacher, would you be happy to be tested on these things every five years? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove More threats made towards teachers from a politician; great work TristramHuntMP, that’ll pull in new recruits. #fool

  2. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Is this not what performance management observations are for? Why is another layer of bureaucracy required? Added workload

  3. OwenFields1

    andylutwyche SchoolsImprove TristramHuntMP ‘no expectation that teachers should be trained to manage poor behaviour’ is he serious???

  4. andylutwyche

    OwenFields1 SchoolsImprove The more TristramHuntMP speaks the less impressed I am. Completely clueless or misrepresented by the press?

  5. steverains

    SchoolsImprove dealing with poor behaviour is a whole-school issue. Will there be a feral sink class kept in the cupboard for use in tests?

  6. brighton118

    SchoolsImprove -Does Labour actually have a PR dept ? Who does the research for #TristramHunt? I cannot believe what he comes out with :-((

  7. stevesheehan52

    SchoolsImprove The Guardian slant is that this is about professional development and progression. But I cannot find in edited accounts.

  8. stevesheehan52

    SchoolsImprove guardian suggests that this is part of method of progression through the profession. other papers selective?

  9. tlcchaos

    tlcchaos BANNED FOR LIFE by google+ youtube and hotmail
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    I will miss my friends

  10. Janet2

    Surely behaviour is a whole-school matter?  Sacking individual teachers won’t help especially if the teachers were working in a school which didn’t support them.

    Hunt’s remarks show him as yet another politician thinking he can improve teaching by putting in ‘tough new standards’.

    But I’d like to see Tristram and politicians like him teaching bottom set English last lesson on a Friday every week for a year.  Especially when it’s raining.  And when some kid tells you to ‘F… off!’, you’re told it’s your fault.


  11. TW

    Is this the  Tristram Hunt who recently demonstrated his discipline by denying the widely reported comments he was said to have made against his boss?

  12. angelsoft_ICT

    SchoolsImprove Really? Then I suggest they learn from us when it comes to behaviour in the House of Commons! Talk about presumption!

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