Labour to confirm it would limit tuition fees to £6,000

The BBC is reporting that Ed Miliband is to set out Labour’s plans to cut £9,000 university tuition fees by a third…

…Universities UK has warned that limiting the fees to £6,000 per year would create a £10bn funding gap over the next five years, threatening “significant damage” to the higher education system.

In his speech, Mr Miliband will explain how he believes such a funding gap could be covered.

This could include reducing tax relief on pensions for high earners, which would be used to provide funds for universities to bridge the gap from reduced fees.

It is also expected that the Labour leader will promise more support for students’ living costs. There have been concerns that young people from middle-income families do not have access to sufficient student loans.

The announcement of Labour’s policy on fees has been much delayed, with reports of disagreements between senior party figures over whether cutting tuition fees should be a priority for investment.

University heads have also argued that the increase in tuition fees to £9,000 has not deterred applications from poorer students, instead the numbers of poorer students have risen…

More at: Labour to reveal how it would fund cut in tuition fees


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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove So graduates end up with around £30k worth of debt instead of £40+k. Interested to see how Labour plan to fund this

  2. Bedtonman

    g56g SchoolsImprove they were going to do this in 2010 it’s still a massive amount of money that students will be paying back for decades

  3. g56g

    Bedtonman SchoolsImprove Listen to BBC Radio’s Face The Facts on private colleges.They have drained millions out of the Education budget!

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