Labour pledges face-to-face careers advice in schools

The BBC is reporting that teenagers will be guaranteed face-to-face individual careers advice if Labour forms the next government after the party announced its education promises…

…The move followed concerns that careers advice deteriorated after schools took over responsibility for it from local councils in 2012.

Labour says its plan would focus on vocational as well as on academic routes into careers, with the aim of raising standards and increasing opportunities for all young people.

The new proposals would cost approximately £50m and would be funded and supported through a partnership between universities, schools, colleges and employers, says Labour.

The party quotes the CBI as having described careers advice in schools as being on “life-support”.

Too many schools offer inadequate careers advice, says Labour, often just pointing pupils towards online information.

The party says this follows “years of neglect and reductions in support under David Cameron and the Tories”.

Labour promises:

  • Guaranteed face-to-face advice from careers advisers, from age 11
  • Advice about high-quality apprenticeships and technical degrees alongside traditional academic routes to university
  • Schools to be held to account for their careers advice
  • To reverse the coalition government’s decision to scrap compulsory work experience for 14- to 16-year-olds.

The party says the proposals build on its existing plans for a Technical Baccalaureate, compulsory English and maths to 18 and an apprenticeship offer for every school leaver who gets the grades…


Of course, the Nicky Morgan has already announced £20m to set up a new careers company to forge links between schools and businesses in England – does the Labour approach sound much different? 

In terms of money – £50m split over 3,268 state funded secondary schools in England works out at just over £15,000 per school. This probably sounds about right on the basis of one part time or temporary role for handling the face-to-face interviews (assuming it all actually goes to the schools and isn’t spent centrally or on administration etc which no doubt a proportion at least will be). 

What about the other promises Labour is making here in terms of career guidance – have they got it right? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. At least one face-to-face careers interview with a professional careers adviser was offered in our LA over 25 years ago.  It’s shocking this is no longer the case.

    Gove rubbished career professionals – let’s hope Hunt’s policy if enacted goes some way to rebuilding a cohort of properly-trained careers advisers who can give independent, knowledgeable advice.

  2. Yet another reason to campaign for teaching policy to be independent.  Careers advice was in place.  It didn’t need scrapping – and now re-inventing, it needed evidence on how to give good advice and training to give it.

  3. Nor_edu

    SchoolsImprove all parties seem to be accepting the importance of IAG in the run up to election. Will they keep Tory company too?

  4. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove This does make one wonder why Labour scrapped mandatory careers advice in the first place. Expensive error…

  5. MadgeJesss

    andylutwyche SchoolsImprove Won’t be right until there is proper career path and quals. Most training is NVQ style on the job I think?

  6. andylutwyche

    MadgeJesss SchoolsImprove Is this the careers advisors? Are they to be learning on the job? Not a huge problem with that but wondering

  7. MadgeJesss

    andylutwyche SchoolsImprove Often they have drifted in via advising job seekers. No school jobs advertised in TES. No status.

  8. mirkle

    If this is at the expense of higher education outreach pre sixth form as claimed by Tristam Hunt on the Today programme on Thursday 9th April, I’m afraid this isn’t good enough. If it’s worth doing, find the money to do this in addition to HE outreach.

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