Labour MP skewered by Martin Lewis during headed tuition fees debate on BBC Question Time – Video

Mr Lewis launched his attack on the shadow business minister after she attempted to put off working class Britons from going to university by highlighting student debt. The Express reports.

“Look politicians do this all the time and you’re making your political points and you’re doing it and you put off young people from underprivileged backgrounds going to university with a fear of debt by framing it a a debt when you know it doesn’t work like that.”

Mr Lewis then attacked the “political football” being played by the Labour MP and blamed her for being part of a movement that has “miseducated a generation”.

He went on: “Politicians need to take responsibility, your political football that you and all the parties have used student finance to be has miseducated a generation about how student finance works and it is an abomination you should all hang your heads in shame.”

Ms Onwurah then desperately attempted to put her argument together after the lambasting from the money expert.

She replied “It is really, really important to recognise that tuition fees are an obstacle for students.”

However, as she scrambled to defend herself she was consistently interrupted by Mr Lewis who insisted the only obstacle to students was “psychological”.

Read more and watch the video Labour MP skewered by Martin Lewis during headed tuition fees debate on BBC Question Time –

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