Labour leadership candidate says she would support ‘successful’ free schools

The Guardian is reporting that Labour leadership candidate Liz Kendall has criticised Ed Miliband’s policies such as prioritising the reduction of tuition fees and indicated she would back free schools that deliver…

Kendall, who is now the bookies’ second favourite to win behind Andy Burnham, ditched another raft of the former Labour leader Ed Miliband’s policies at a lunch with journalists in Westminster on Thursday.

In a speech and Q&A session, Kendall did not hold back in criticising the party’s position going into the general election earlier this month…

In a further distancing from his policies, Kendall said Miliband’s flagship energy price freeze had not been believable, that she would not prioritise cutting tuition fees and the party should back any successful school, regardless of its structure…

More at: Liz Kendall: Labour must ditch ‘fantasy’ that Britain has moved to the left


If the Conservatives deliver on their pre-election promise on free schools there will be some 750 or so by the next election, possibly even more.

Whether you are a supporter or not, it is hard to see how that many will be able to be restructured as a matter of policy – the genie isn’t going to go back in the bottle very easily.

So is Liz Kendall right to take this stance and move the debate onto whether schools are delivering or not, rather than how they are structured?

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  1. No-one in Labour suggested closing existing successful free schools as far as I know so Kendall’s suggestion she would  ‘back any successful school, regardless of its structure’ is misleading.  What Labour said before the election was they would let existing free schools remain but end the programme (ie no more new free schools).

    If she’s a serious contender she should at least be able to demonstrate she knows what she’s talking about and isn’t just spouting essentially meaningless rhetoric.   It would have been better if she’d said she would allow LAs to open schools where more spaces were needed – LAs could decide whether these would be LA maintained or academies.

  2. Kathfanderson

    SchoolsImprove Superficially reasonable comment (we all support success) but role is to evaluate success of policy not individual schools.

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