Knife violence ‘not just schools’ problem’

The BBC is reporting that the head of the body representing Scotland’s senior teachers has said the carrying of knives is not just a problem for schools to deal with.

School Leaders Scotland General Secretary Jim Thewlis told the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland the misuse of knives was a “societal problem”.

He was commenting on the death of Bailey Gwynne, who suffered a single stab wound in an Aberdeen school.

An independent inquiry into the case is to be established…

Mr Thewlis said: “It is a societal problem, it’s not just a schools’ problem.

“There is a point to be made that parents have a right to expect that a youngster will go to school and will be safe at school and will return from school.”…

He added: “The point has to be made here that tragic though this was for everyone involved it’s a very highly unusual event to take place.”

“You’ve got to balance deterrence and education and it’s important that we get that balance correct so that young people actually do make good choices and good decisions.”

The former head of Scotland’s Violence Reduction Unit, John Carnochan, has voiced doubts about the value of any independent inquiry into the case.

Speaking on the BBC’s Scotland 2016 programme, he said: “Now when I hear that (an inquiry is being set up) my heart sinks because it’ll come back with the notion that we should have strengthened processes and we should have better systems.”

“The truth of the matter is that won’t make a blind bit of difference.”

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I’m not sure anyone is seriously suggesting this is ‘just’ schools’ problem, but it does sound as if there are genuine questions to be asked about the treatment of children found with knives in schools.

That said, do you have any more confidence than John Carnochan about the likely impact of an independent inquiry?

Please let us know why/why not in the comments or via Twitter…

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