Kids better off at nursery rather than staying at home with mum, say researchers

The Telegraph is reporting that recent research has found that attending nursery is better for children in the long-term than staying home.

Sending youngsters to nursery is likely to be better for them than being at home, because it helps them to develop social and everyday skills, a new report has found.

In contrast the children of stay-at-home mums fare less well, having poorer speech and movement, according to research from the London School of Economics and Oxford University.

Dr Laurence Roope, of the Health Economics Research Centre at Oxford said: “It should give parents some reassurance that nurseries are not going to harm their children, and are likely to be beneficial. 

“It seems that what is important is engaging in interactive activities with the child.”

The researchers said that benefit of nursery appeared to increase as children spent more time there. 

The study also found that spending more time with grandparents boosted talking and social skills and having a mother with more years of education also improved early development.

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Do you agree with the idea that sending children to nursery develops their speech and social skills better than staying at home? Or do you children pick up terrible habits and behaviour instead?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or via Twitter. ~ Meena

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