Kent grammar school may set own 11-plus for pupils

A grammar school has said it may defy Kent County Council by compiling its own 11-plus test in a bid to prevent parents from coaching their children. This is from the BBC…

The Judd School, in Tonbridge, has said it was considering setting its own test for prospective Year 7 students.

Chairman of governors, Hubert Ashton, said in a message to parents that the new test would help to “differentiate effectively at the top end”.

The council said it has “concerns” about schools setting their own tests.

Councillor Roger Gough, who is the cabinet member for education, said: “It’s pretty hard to generate a test that eliminates coaching in any form and that may well go for what’s proposed as well.”

He added that the school was “perfectly at liberty” to set its own test, but it would add “complexity to the system”.

The council is currently planning to overall its 11-plus, making it harder for wealthier families to coach their children to pass it.

However, Mr Ashton said in his message to parents: “The new Kent County Council entry test will be an improvement on the current one but will not address two of our key concerns – namely differentiating effectively at the top end and giving sufficient weighting to written English skills.”

More at:  The Judd School in Kent may set own 11-plus for pupils

Is it possible to eliminate to impact of parental coaching in a situation like this? Should the school at least be applauded for trying?

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