Julia Bradbury urges parents to ignore the law and take children on holiday in term time

The Telegraph is reporting that former Countryfile presenter Julia Bradbury has urged parents to ignore the law and take their children on holiday during term time.

Former Countryfile presenter Julia Bradbury has said the travel industry is “evil” for cynically inflating prices during school holidays and has urged parents to ignore the law and take their children away in term time.

Bradbury, 46, who has a five-year-old son, Zephyr and one-year-old twins, Zena and Xanthe, said children needed to spend more time outside and if that meant missing school then it was a price worth paying.

Currently parents can be fined if they take their youngsters on holiday during school time although the law has been challenged in the courts.

Bradbury, who is president of The Camping and Caravanning Club, said the prohibitive cost of travel during the school holidays meant many children were being robbed of valuable experiences and adventures.

She said: “Children spend less time outside every day as part of the school curriculum than prisoners do, which is a frightening thought.”

“We as parents are penalised for taking our children away during holiday periods because travel companies jack up prices so ludicrously.

“It is completely unfair. It’s a child tax – it’s cynical and the [travel] industry needs to stop  being so evil.”

Bradbury said she would even support those families who wanted to take their children on a ‘bucket and spade’ holiday in term time.

More at: Julia Bradbury urges parents to ignore the law and take children on holiday in term time

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  1. Sally

    Well, if Julia Bradbury says it’s ok……………..but does she realise it’s the school that gets hammered for it. She needs to fight it snigger way

  2. Julie Cordiner

    She is a hypocrite – she can clearly afford to take her own children away in school holidays and she wouldn’t have the career she has without a good education. People never consider how disruptive it is for teachers who have to make sure the children catch up on what they’ve missed.

  3. Dennis O'Sullivan

    Any other laws she can recommend breaking? Some of the human rights stuff, living wage, housing standards, hygiene in restaurants, speed limits on roads…..

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