Judge rules boy must be taught in Islamic faith school against wishes of father

The Independent reports that the unnamed father claims he will not be able to participate if his son attends an Islamic secondary school from next year.

A father who described himself as an “Anglo-Saxon” atheist has lost a legal battle to prevent his ex-wife from sending their son to an Islamic secondary school.

The man, a marketing director, had converted to Islam after marrying, but had rejected the faith after the couple’s separation. 

Speaking to the court, Mr Justice Baker said the ten-year-old boy lived with his mother and had been brought up as Muslim.

Mr Samuels argued that the boy’s faith could be adequately catered for at a secular school and that the father felt he would not be able to participate in the same way at the Islamic school.

The appeal was dismissed on the grounds that the earlier ruling – that the man would not be marginalised by his son – was correct.

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