Jeremy Corbyn suggests gay history month could be added to national curriculum

The Telegraph is reporting that gay history month in schools could be introduced to the national curriculum, the Labour leader has said.

Jeremy Corbyn used a speech at the PinkNews awards last night to pledge that a Labour government would introduce a policy of changing the school curriculum to better reflect gay issues.

Asked if schools would have a gay history month modelled on Black History Month, Mr Corbyn told the Press Association: “There could be that, or there could be part of the core curriculum to understand the change in law, the way in which we have changed homosexual law from the illegality of homosexual acts until the 1960’s, when the original homosexual law reform came in.

“Then through to the period when same sex marriage was agreed by Parliament two years ago.

“I want it to become part of the norm of discussion in schools, so discussing it in literature, discussing it in history, so that we don’t treat it as separate.”

“Let’s get a new generation to rejoice at the huge contribution LGBT people have made throughout history.”

More at: Jeremy Corbyn suggests gay history month could be added to national curriculum

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    SchoolsImprove We do not want our kids discussing that which is sexual in nature. Our kids are not your pawns! jeremycorbyn

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