Jeremy Corbyn prepared to strip private schools of their charitable status

The Telegraph is reporting that Jeremy Corbyn is prepared to strip private schools of their charitable status in a significant escalation of what it calls ‘his party’s war on the middle classes’. 

Lucy Powell, the new shadow education, said that many private schools are failing to share their facilities with those in the state sector. 

The proposal could see independent schools denied £700 million in tax breaks and add £200 a year to the cost of a child’s private school education.

Miss Powell told a fringe event at Labour’s party conference: “It’s definitely something we’ve got to look at.” 

Currently more than 2,000 private schools registered as charities in Britain are entitled to claim up to an 80 per cent cut in their business rates, which is worth around £150 million annually…

Miss Powell told the audience in Brighton: “I want to make sure that private schools play their part in offering facilities and their experiences in their school to other local schools. 

“Some of the best private schools do that, but many don’t, so we have to look at carrot and stick approaches that ensure they best play their part.

“We will definitely be looking at some those issues and how that lever can be used to best effect…” 

More at: Jeremy Corbyn prepared to strip private schools of their charitable status


I’m not sure how far “something we’ve got to look it” is on the road to a policy to strip private schools of their charitable status – what do you think?

Is this something you would encourage Jeremy Corbyn and Lucy Powell to take further?

Please let us know why/why not in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. The DT claims the suggestion to remove charitable status from independent schools is a war on the middle class.  If so, then the middle class has shrunk significantly in size.  Only 7% of the whole population are educated in private schools.  It follows, therefore, that the vast majority of the children of the middle class are educated in state schools.
    And what is £200pa on fees which range from £5000 (day school) to £30,000+ for boarding.  It’s about £4 a week.

  2. AynieLR

    SchoolsImprove if this is for charitable status purposes not to patronise state school pupils + staff sas now-see Seldon’s ludicrous ideas.

  3. Vague_Inkling

    SchoolsImprove Mixed feelings: they should not be tax dodges for benefectors v some founded philanthropically and making wider contribution

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