Jeremy Corbyn announces £10bn plan to scrap university tuition fees

The Guardian is reporting that Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn has set out a £10bn plan to scrap all tuition fees and restore student maintenance grants…

Corbyn said the plan could be funded either by a 7% rise in national insurance for those earning over £50,000 a year and a 2.5% higher corporation tax, or by slowing the pace at which the deficit is reduced.

Corbyn said: “I want to apologise on behalf of the Labour party to the last generation of students for the imposition of fees, top-up fees and the replacement of grants with loans by previous Labour governments. I opposed those changes at the time – as did many others – and now we have an opportunity to change course.”

The move is also designed to strengthen the already strong support his campaign is gaining among younger Labour members.

Corbyn aides said the cost of abolishing tuition fees would be £7.1bn and the cost of restoring maintenance grants would be £3bn.

It is the first detailed new policy Corbyn has set out since he entered the contest…

More at: Jeremy Corbyn announces £10bn plan to scrap university tuition fees


Apparently the latest polling (no idea how credible) suggests Jeremy Corbyn is in with a genuine chance of winning so maybe this could become a reality.

What do you think? Would it be the right thing to do with £10bn or should those accessing higher education pay something for the privilege?


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  1. TW

    Jeremy Corbyn may be ridiculous as a credible party leader but he is the only one who sincerely believes what he says.  Perhaps him as Leader might provide (a) entertainment (b) a constant reproach to the guilty self-seeking opportunists under Blair and Brown who wrecked the Labour Party, and (c) the quickest possible end to this now hopeless party.

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