Jailed sex case teacher Jeremy Forrest was ‘failed by school’

The Express is reporting that the parents of disgraced teacher Jeremy Forrest are furious at how those in authority escaped blame for his relationship with a teenage pupil…

Jim and Julie Forrest refused to co-operate with makers of a Channel 4 documentary about how their son ran off to France with the girl of 15.

They say it makes no reference to alleged failings of Bishop Bell Church of England school, in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

An inquiry into the affair revealed pupils flagged up the 31-year-old maths teacher’s inappropriate behaviour six times in as many months.

But their concerns were “repeatedly dismissed” as senior staff at the school “failed to see misconduct”.

A family friend said last night: “It doesn’t matter how good the system is – it’s down to the competency of the people responsible for it. The school’s safeguarding policies were described by the watchdog Ofsted as robust two months after Jeremy and the girl left for France. But the parents questioned whether these were followed. This is something that should be highlighted – and that is the documentary which we would all like to see.”

…Bishop Bell headteacher Terry Boatwright faced a chorus of calls to quit following the scandal but insisted his school did nothing wrong. He will leave his post in the summer.

He said after Forres had been jailed: “The fact is there was no evidence. The police investigated but found no evidence too and handed the matter back to the school.”

…Sexting Teacher, a Cutting Edge special, Channel 4, 10pm tonight.

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Do you feel Jeremy Forrest’s parents have a genuine grievance here in that the school took no action despite repeated warnings, or did Forrest bring it all on himself? Please give us your thoughts in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. feistyoatcake

    miconm That was my response too, although if school were warned & failed to act, they are also culpable. SchoolsImprove

  2. miconm

    feistyoatcake SchoolsImprove culpable in the sense they failed the child & their duty. But failed him? It is passing the buck at its worst

  3. 5N_Afzal

    If the school had acted when concerns were first expressed, the child could have been helped but he would still have faced sanctions. So, school
    Failed child and not the teacher.

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