‘Isolation room’ school referred to DfE

The BBC is reporting that a school that allegedly locked pupils in an isolation room is to be referred to the DfE…

Medway Council said it expected Brompton Westbrook Primary School in Gillingham, Kent, to “take appropriate action” following an inspection.

The council previously said four senior teachers had “a case to answer” for gross misconduct.

The school released a statement saying it had full confidence in its staff and would be taking no action.

Medway Council said the inspection team included a head teacher “from an outstanding school” with no connections to the school.

A spokesman said: “He gave independent advice on safeguarding and behaviour management.

“We worked closely with Ofsted and with the Department for Education who stated that if there is any evidence of misconduct they expect the school to take appropriate action.

“They added they will be monitoring the case closely.”

He said the report would remain confidential to protect the children’s identities.

“The council will now write to the Department for Education to ask what further action they will take in this matter,” he added.

Ruth Mills, who withdrew her child from the school, said: “I just think it’s been a cover-up, right from the start.”

A school spokesman said: “As a result of the investigation, trustees have full confidence in all staff of the school to continue their outstanding work.

“The school’s procedures were known to and recommended by independent specialist professionals and those employed by Medway Council.”

The school said it always acted on guidance from the DfE and the Education Act when dealing with children with extreme behaviour.

“In doing so the school has actually prevented a number of children from being permanently excluded from school,” he added…

More at: Gillingham ‘isolation room’ school referred to DfE


Yeah, sure, the report is remaining confidential to protect the children’s identities. So what do you make of this situation? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. HughdjNicklin

    SchoolsImprove Isolation room standard technique of parenting guides, so why does it become wrong when schs do it? #HooligansWasteMyTaxes

  2. HughdjNicklin

    SchoolsImprove Isolation room standard technique of parenting guides, so why does it become wrong when schs do it? #HooligansWasteMyTaxes

  3. FionaTipper

    SchoolsImprove I don’t consider locking a child away to be ‘dealing with’ bad behaviour at all! It’s the opposite!

  4. marymered

    SchoolsImprove The use of isolation rooms is actually widespread, as is the sin-bin euphemistically termed ‘inclusion room’. All shameful.

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