Island council accused of “flouting law” on school closures

Sheltland News is reporting that the Shetland Islands Council has been accused of “flouting the law” in an attempt to avoid a legally binding moratorium on closing two local schools for five years…

On Wednesday the SIC said it would not publish the results of its consultation into closing or ending S4 education at the junior high schools on the islands of Yell and Whalsay, which it has decided to leave as they are…

The SIC believes that by simply not publishing its final consultation report it can avoid the legal requirement for a five year moratorium.

Yet Longmuir, who advised the government on the legislation, said: “The law is absolutely clear and once you have gone down that road, there is no opting out.

“The council must produce that consultation report and now they have made the decision not to proceed they must have a moratorium.

“This was to stop communities having to go for years with a threat to people’s jobs or whether to sent their children to the school.

“Now the council is saying they may go ahead again in another two years or less. This is cynical beyond belief, and the legislation was designed to stop councils from doing exactly what they have done…”

More at: SIC “flouting law” on school closures


Sounds a pretty odd approach from the council – what do you think? Any local insights? Please share in the comments or via Twitter…


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