Is EdTech the solution to reducing teacher workload?

A recent Institute on Education (IOE) report from UCL, “New evidence on teachers’ working hours in England” focused on the barely changing teacher workload. Much of it will resonate with teachers across the UK: teachers work hard. FE News reports.

No doubt, teachers would prefer to work fewer hours, and so they should – with a quarter of teachers working sixty hour weeks – burn out is inevitable; first and foremost, though, it is the type of work, lesson preparation, marking and admin, that must be addressed.

Lesson planning and marking, frequently noted as the least favourite parts of teachers’ jobs, are well suited for automation.

The reports says:

“Being well-prepared for a lesson and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of individual students in your class is vital to being a good teacher; spending hours collating resources and manually determining individual attainments is not.”

Automating both could reduce teachers’ workload by circa fifteen hours per week and significantly improve teachers’ day-to-day experience. Combining high quality teaching materials with adaptive learning means computers can generate a personalised lesson for every student in the class in a matter of minutes, not hours, and provide teachers with real-time updates on students’ strengths and weaknesses with suggested follow up interventions.

Read the interesting full article Is #EdTech the solution to reducing teacher workload? 

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