Inspectors still looking for detailed marking despite pleas not to, Ofsted admits

The TES is reporting that the national director of education for Ofsted has requested that inspectors do not report on marking practice.

Ofsted is “concerned” that its  inspectors are still looking for detailed marking when judging schools – despite pleas for them to steer away from the practice. 

Sean Harford, national director of education at the watchdog, has called on inspectors not to make judgements, or recommendations for improvement, on marking practice. 

But in a message to Ofsted inspectors yesterday, he wrote: “I remain concerned that we continue to see some inspection reporting which gives the impression that more detailed or more elaborate marking is required, or indeed that it is effective in promoting pupils’ achievement.

“Inspectors must not give the impression that marking needs to be undertaken in any particular format and to any particular degree of sophistication or detail.”

Two years’ ago, Ofsted clarified in a “myth-busting” document that it does not require “any specific frequency, type or volume of marking and feedback”.

More at: Inspectors still looking for detailed marking despite pleas not to, Ofsted admits

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  1. AssemblyTube

    SchoolsImprove It’s no good just remaining concerned Mr Harford. Put your money where your mouth is. Sack the inspectors.

  2. bentleykarl

    SchoolsImprove When you think of the stress and extra workload that this is causing teachers, then I agree, get rid of these inspectors.

  3. pip_warren

    SchoolsImprove Where pupils try hard it does not seem unreasonable that teachers reciprocate, and that most certainly promotes achievement

  4. bocks1

    HarfordSean SchoolsImprove I’m sure they’ll be grateful for your note when their marking is completed some time on Sunday evening

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