Inspections are inconsistent and too dependent on data, warns former Ofsted chief

The TES is reporting claims from former head of Ofsted Sir Mike Tomlinson that school inspections produce inconsistent results and are too reliant on data…

…“Inspection is so important to the profession, it is so important to young people, it is so important to the parents of those young people, that maybe after 20-odd years there is every reason to look at it and say, ‘Have we got it right?’ ” he said.

Ofsted judgements had become more high-stakes since he ran the inspectorate, Sir Mike said. Heads’ jobs often depended on the outcome so there was “a need to readdress the whole question of consistency of judgement”.  

“The question is, how do you ensure that subjectivity is at the minimum possible level?” added Sir Mike…

To read more, see the full article in the 3 April edition of TES…

More at: Inspections are inconsistent and too dependent on data, warns former Ofsted chief


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  1. ronymgarcia

    SchoolsImprove realllyyyyy ? How long did they take to notice that? U0001f61e the system is killing the vocation

  2. supernash69

    SchoolsImprove It’s another nail in Ofsted’s coffin. Inconceivable it will survive long after GE in current form.

  3. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove If ever there was a “bears poo in the woods” article then this is it. It’s why Ofsted in its current guise is dysfunctional

  4. 5N_Afzal He was Chief Inspector from 2000 and 2002.  Much has changed at Ofsted since then.  In 2002, schools weren’t given labels (ie Outstanding, Inadequate etc) and reports were more wide ranging.

    Ofsted IS too dependent on data.  Worse, it uses the Local Authority Interactive Tool (LAIT) and not the publicly available School Performance Tables.  This can make the difference between success and failure as I point out here:

  5. jeografy

    SchoolsImprove IOE_mageoged
    Time to scrap Ofstednews
    educationgovuk needs to admit #failure
    Otherwise you’ll have no #teachers left…

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