Innovative teacher recruitment plan by council in Scotland

A Scottish council has sent staff to Canada and Ireland to try to recruit new teachers. This is from the BBC…

Aberdeenshire Council is trying to find ways to deal with a shortage of teaching staff.

As a result, more than 30 new teachers have been interviewed in their own countries for posts in schools around the county.

Successful applicants will be expected to start work early in the new school term.

The council said there was a high level of surplus probationer and first year teachers in the two countries.

An interview panel of three travelled first to Dublin and then to Toronto.

The council said it was adopting an “innovative approach to attract teachers to the area on a temporary basis”.

Successful applicants will receive a full induction and conversion to Scottish education standards, a temporary work visa, accommodation and travel costs.

This is expected to cost about £4-5,000 for every teacher recruited.

The move to find new teachers in Canada and Ireland is seen as a short-term solution to Aberdeenshire’s recruitment difficulties.

Councillor Isobel Davidson, who chairs the council’s Education Learning and Leisure Committee, said: “We need to look at innovative ways to fill teaching vacancies in Aberdeenshire.

“At the moment, we have around 40 teaching vacancies and despite our very best efforts, we are continuing to struggle to fill these posts.

“We are confident that this innovative approach will stimulate significant interest and help relieve the current pressures on our teaching staff.”

Ireland and Canada both have high levels of surplus probationer and first year teachers.

The Aberdeenshire campaign is targeting these areas as a way of attracting teachers who need an opportunity to secure their first teaching post.

Recent studies undertaken in Ontario, Canada reveal the extent of the teacher surplus in the country, with almost 1 in 3 newly qualified teachers failing to secure employment.

More at:  Innovative teacher recruitment plan by Aberdeenshire Council

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