Independent schools maintain 18% A* grades at A level with more boys than girls achieving three A*s

The Independent has been looking into the breakdown of A level results at independent schools…

Boys cornered the market when it came to achieving three A* grades at A-level, the results of Britain’s independent schools show today.

They show that 6.4 per cent of the boys entered for thee exam achieved three A*’s – compared to just 5.3 per cent of all girls.

However, when it came to securing just one A* grade pass, the girls were ahead of the boys.

…The results showed that the percentage of pupils awarded A* grades was pegged for the first time at 18 per cent – at a time when nationally the figure fell by 0.3 per cent.  The Independent Schools Council, which published the results, added that 51.3 per cent of all entries obtained at least an A grade – compared to 51.4 per cent last year.

Barnaby Lenon, chairman of the ISC, said:  “It is remarkable that the per cent at independent schools gaining the top grade has remained unchanged despite it having gone down nationally.”

He added that “a high proportion” of independent schools’ A-level results had been achieved in “hard subjects” – maths, physics, chemistry, biology and ancient and modern languages.

“Many top university departments offering these subjects are dependent on independent school pupils for the quality of applicants they seek,” he said.

More at:  Boys at independent schools outshine the girls

Is there anything you find surprising or unexpected in these figures? How have independent schools been able to maintain their success rate at A* while other schools havetaken a hit? Please share your insights in the comments or on twitter… 

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  1. Susan_Wilde

    SchoolsImprove No: I bet (with no real proof) if you controlled for single sex groups you’d find similar results in state comprehensives.

  2. BalfePaula

    SchoolsImprove how much of that consisted of selective entry? It was going on when I went to school I’m sure it happened b4 & still is now!

  3. misterhutt

    BalfePaula SchoolsImprove in today’s market I guess it’s selection by wallet. Why can’t people praise great teaching in the indie sector?

  4. BalfePaula

    misterhutt SchoolsImprove maybe…teachers get blamed if students fail & students get praised if they do well. Teachers don’t get praised

  5. 5N_Afzal

    There are various forces at play, not only selective entry. After all grammars operate selective entry too. What would be interesting is to compare “value added” for both types of schools.

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