Independent school closing due to ‘economic situation’

An independent school in Devon has announced it will close owing to the “economic situation” and falling pupil numbers. This is from the BBC…

St Margaret’s in Exeter will officially shut on 31 August.

The school said it made the “difficult” decision after falling pupil figures meant it would no longer be viable.

In a statement it said it was “working closely” with local schools to “make alternative arrangements for pupils’ ongoing education”.

The school has 213 pupils whose last day will be 10 July.

Chairman of Governors, William Long, said: “A three-year plan was put in place with a view to steering the school to profitability. But, after the entrance examination, it became clear that this was not achievable, so the difficult decision was taken to close the school at the end of the 2013 summer term.

“Our pupils remain our utmost concern during this difficult time.

“Everything possible will be done to minimise disruption and ensure they continue to receive the same high standards of education and emotional support that St Margaret’s has always provided for the remainder of the academic year.”

More at:  Exeter’s St Margaret’s School to close

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