Incident ‘highlights difficulties balancing inclusion and pupil safety’

The Falkirk Herald is reporting on the difficult balancing act of educational inclusion and ensuring pupil safety hit after an incident at a Scottish primary school.

An incident involving a youngster with additional support needs on March 1 unfortunately left three of his classmates with minor injuries and resulted in parents of six of the class pupils taking them out of school until the head teacher could assure them their children would be safe.

Falkirk Council Leader Craig Martin said the details of the incident were still being looked at, but it is believed the pupil tipped over a table and his fellow pupils were caught in the middle of this action.

Councillor Martin said: “My understanding is he has a good relationship with most of the pupils in the school. We need to understand what happened on the day and then look at how it is managed.”

One parent said: “This boy needs the appropriate support and our children should be safe when they go to school.”

Councillor Alan Nimmo, Falkirk Council education spokesman, said: “We are always concerned to hear of any incident that involves injury to children. Our staff work closely with parents to ensure the best support is in place and we will certainly look into this further and see if there can be anything learned.

“Support will continue to be available in all our mainstream schools and in our support units and we will strive to meet the needs of all of our children and young people, along with their parents and carers, throughout their school career.”.

All Councils in Scotland have a legal duty to make provision for pupils with additional support needs…

More at School incident highlights how vital classroom support is


We are only getting a sketchy overview of what actually happened, but it does raise a number of interesting points.

Your thoughts on the principles involved and challenge faced in reassuring the parents of children caught up in situations like this?

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  1. Busy Mum

    Incidents like this help to explain why the number of children being home-schooled as risen by 45% in the last five years. When I was young, children who needed ‘additional support’ for whatever reason were educated in special schools, leaving the vast majority to pursue their education unhindered.

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