Immigrant children are a positive influence in the classroom, study finds

Academics have scotched fears that non English-speaking children hold back British-born youngsters in the classroom. This is from the Huffington Post

In fact, in some cases, immigrants were helping drive up standards, the London School of Economics team found.

There have been fears that British-born children were being held back because teachers had to help kids who were struggling with a language barrier.

However, after examining exam results in different primary schools, the LSE said: “The growing proportion of non-native English speakers in primary schools should not be a cause for concern: this trend is not detrimental to the educational attainment of native English speakers.”

In the case of Eastern Europeans, there could be extra benefits, the researchers found, with a “small, positive effect in the case of maths.”

“We can only speculate as to the possible reasons for this result,” the authors of the study ‘Non-native Speakers of English in the Classroom: What are the Effects on Pupil Performance?’ said.

“It may be the fact that immigrants from East European countries are better educated and more attached to the labour market than the native population.

“The children of such immigrants may be a welcome influence in the schools they attend.”

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    SchoolsImprove yes,all children are learning resources 4 each other,especially when they offer differing experiences and perspectives

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