‘If you get a good inspector, it can be magic’: Is Labour right to want Ofsted gone?

The Labour party has said it would abolish Ofsted and its one-word judgments. Local authorities would carry out regular “health checks” instead, while inspectors would be called in for more in-depth visits. What do teachers and parents think? Should Ofsted be abolished? The Guardian reports.

Henry Emoni a maths teacher at the Beacon school in Surrey says “Schools should be held accountable but they should be supported as well as evaluated, ideally by other school leaders with local expertise, as part of a continuous improvement process. Context matters and, unlike Ofsted inspectors, local teachers will understand the school’s demographic and its history over the years.”

James Pope a consultant and former headteacher, who resigned on TV in the BBC documentary School says “Ofsted needs to be a lot more realistic about what it can accurately, effectively and specifically hold schools accountable for. I don’t think it’s feasible or possible to inspect everything a school does accurately, and then reduce it down to a one-word judgment.”

Read more comment from educators and a parent ‘If you get a good inspector, it can be magic’: Is Labour right to want Ofsted gone? 

What do you think? Should Ofsted be replaced entirely or just tinkered with? Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin 


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