‘I was locked in a cupboard at school’ – Video

Jacob and his mother Tina admit his extreme behaviour was a big problem but they did not expect his primary school to lock a five-year-old in a store cupboard to calm him down. The BBC reports. 

He lived in a quiet village in the Stirlingshire countryside, but Jacob was totally overwhelmed when he began school.

He would hide from the teachers, squeak strange noises and often he would lash out.

“I hated it,” Jacob, who is now 15, tells the BBC Scotland documentary Help Save My Child.

“I saw all the other people in my class, and they were all working and I couldn’t. Then I’d get upset over that, and I’d get angry that I got upset and I’d lash out.”

The teachers could not cope with the child’s behaviour and began to put the youngster Jacob in the “chill-out room”.

This was a store cupboard with blankets inside. The door was closed and locked.

“Every now and then they’d come over and open the top of the door and look in at me, and close it and leave again.”

Stirling Council said its “Time Out” strategy would be instigated to support children to “manage their distress and as a measure to mitigate risks to themselves and others”. At the end of last month, the Children’s Commissioner for Scotland launched a formal investigation into restraint and seclusion in schools.

His mother took him to be assessed by Child Mental Health Services (CAMHS). Despite regular appointments, he was never given a clear diagnosis that would explain his increasingly extreme behaviour.

It upsets him to think of some of the things he has done. “I hate thinking about when I was little because I was really violent and mean. I’m definitely not like that now that I’m older.”

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